Unlike dating agencies and websites, Yvonne Allen™ and Associates provides consulting, matchmaking and search services for the discerning business and professional single. Our founder, Yvonne Allen, has a background in psychology and is a well-known and respected public speaker, media personality and author. Over the many years, she has earned an unrivaled reputation  for her work in the sensitive and challenging area of human relations.

As our consultancy is boutique, we can tailor our approach to your needs and expectations. Our team are highly trained, caring professionals who ensure your confidentiality.  Our profiling, interviewing techniques and one-on-one advice mean that we are able to introduce you to people who are not only potentially compatible with you but who also share your relationship goals. Meeting our way gives chance a hand!

With an outstanding reputation, Yvonne Allen™ and Associates attracts successful, educated people who are passionate about life and wish to be more proactive when it comes to finding their partner.
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