Do you find an introduction agency just don’t understand the needs of the career woman?

Since 1976, Yvonne Allen has been highly regarded in the media as a Professional Matchmaker Sydney and social
commentator who understand the challenges of finding and keeping love today.  She knows about the demands
and stress that can be experienced by achieving women – both personally and professionally!

In today’s high pressured social environment, it can seem impossible for the professional woman to take the time to meet like-minded men …discerning men who they know to be genuinely seeking to share life in a great relationship.  While business meetings and events may often bring potentially compatible men and women together, the circumstances can prevent us from revealing our availability and interest in a personal relationship.  At Yvonne Allen we are an introduction agency and search consultancy that truly understands the needs and challenges experienced by many single women who have demanding careers.

Given Yvonne’s background in psychology and her insights when it comes to  gender differences, Yvonne Allen and
Associates is the consultancy and the best introduction agency for women that not only can introduce you to men
as potential partners but also increase your chances of developing a great relationship with one.

The Yvonne Allen way of meeting has assisted many women like you to understand men more and be more successful when it comes to attracting – and keeping – the love they seek.

Our results speak for themselves – read some of our many genuine testimonials.

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Why Yvonne Allen and Associates is unique and the most effective Introduction Agency for Women!

Our experienced relationship consultants are trained by Yvonne Allen herself to assist their clients to reach their
relationship goals. They provide you with empathy and support along the way. Not only do we learn about you
before you start being introduced to potentially suitable men, we also give you constructive feedback as you meet
men who have said they would like to be introduced to you.

Of course as an introduction agency assisting business and professional women to meet eligible men, we understand your requirement for support, assistance and confidentiality. At Yvonne Allen we have made more successful introductions for professional women than any other agency in Australia. Start today by registering your details to begin your journey. Register now to find out more.

professional introductions for women

Do I have to be a business or professional woman to join Introduction Agency for

In short, the answer is no. While most of the women who come to us seek an intelligent successful man as a potential partner, men’s expectations of a partner are often not as demanding. For the Yvonne Allen man, the most important factors in a potential partner are that she be intelligent, feminine, active, attractive to him …and genuinely interested in developing a relationship if they are compatible.

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