Are you tired of web sites and introduction agencies not understanding you? Our Best Introduction Agency in Sydney is here to help!

Yvonne Allen is Australia’s most elite and longest standing best introduction agency in Sydney. Our reputation is unrivaled! We have specialized in assisting business and professional individuals achieve their relationship goals for over 37 years. By meeting with each person for an in-depth consultation we are able to understand what their unique needs and are able to tailor a program to help them reach their goals. As each person’s bona fides are established upfront, our relationship consultants feel confident that they can represent our clients as genuinely as possible. This means meeting the Yvonne Allen way is safe, time effective and can be an overall enjoyable experience.

Why choose Yvonne Allen as your Best Introduction Agency?

We don’t just introduce our clients, we help them reach their relationship goals! Whether that means opening a new avenue of meeting genuine and professional singles, getting dating practice or understanding your true relationship needs, our consultants of introduction agency Melbourne will be able to tailor a program that works for you. No wonder so many of our clients have partnered the Yvonne Allen way!

Our professional introduction agency offers a boutique customized service, meaning that we tailor our approach to suit your needs and your expectations.

Advantages of meeting the Yvonne Allen way at the Best Introduction Agency are:

  • Quality candidates You only meet people whose bona fides have been established – and after you have chosen to do so on the basis of comprehensive information about each other.
  • Experienced consultants. As a client you are assisted in achieving your relationship goals by the professional approach and support of the Yvonne Allen team.
  • Time saved. Enjoy your life rather than spending hours searching online dating sites. Our team are professionals who do the searching for you – within our database of educated, intelligent and discerning singles…and in some of our programs, the world at large!
  • Our induction process is in-depth. Not only do our skilled matchmaking consultants meet with you for and initial
    consultation, you will also be able to provide us with valuable information about yourself following the interview
    once you become a client.

How to find out more about our professional and the best introduction agency in Sydney

Step 1. Register your interest now to have one of our professional consultants call you. During the discussion you will obtain information about what meeting the Yvonne Allen way involves to find out if this is an approach to meeting a potential partner that appeals to you.

Step 2. Make a time for an initial consultation. If an Yvonne Allen program sounds like a way you would like to meet on a one-to-one basis with other genuine, educated, compatible and discerning singles who would like to partner then we will arrange a time for you to come in. The consultation takes 1.5 hours and costs $220.

Step 3. Your consultation – A private and confidential meeting will be arranged for you in our Sydney or Melbourne offices.

Our Best Introduction Agency Understands Your Confidentiality

Yvonne Allen & Associates Yvonne Allen & Associates takes your confidentiality very seriously.

Our clients are discerning men and women who are also understandably concerned about the sharing of personal and private information. Given her academic qualifications in psychology, her experience as a counselor and that she was registered as a psychologist in 1992, Yvonne has always ensured that our procedures are professional and confidential.

Our consultants of introduction agency Sydney do not discuss specifics regarding the identity of our clients and work on a first name basis only until such time that both have considered each other’s profile and agreed to meet. Any such identifying information or contact details are only revealed with the permission of both parties and in the manner they prefer.

Your personal information– and your confidentiality – are safe in our hands!

As client, your details remain confidential only until such a time that we are ready to exchange them with another member. We do not exchange any personal contact details until both parties have agreed to meet.

Register your details now to begin learning about how our professional introduction agency can help you achieve
your goals of a long term, happy and successful relationship!