“I wanted to say a very happy THANK YOU for thinking of me when you matched me to Ian. As you know, I was preoccupied by a ridiculous amount of education and training and found myself highly qualified but still single at the age of 38. Losing several members of my immediate family to early and heart-breaking deaths during my early-mid 30′s further distracted me from meeting someone, but also reinforced LOVE as the most important part of the human experience. I found it very painful to be missing out.
You matched me to Ian in late January and we had our first date just before Australia Day. It was a perfect day kayaking on the harbour, followed by a wet sandy lunch in a beachside cafe. I think I really fell for Ian on our second date – he smiled as I arrived at the bar, all the stress of my work day fell away and I found myself just wanting to make him smile again. I was very glad to hear that he had the foresight and the confidence to book Valentine’s Day dinner in advance, straight after our kayaking date. Yay!
My life has changed for the better in every way since you introduced me to Ian. He is intelligent, responsible, kind, generous, organised and is very fond of a good romantic gesture. I feel very happy and very lucky that you thought of me when making the match. I know the fact the sun feels warmer and the sky seems a brighter blue is a symptom of new love but, it’s truly lovely to be in it. I can’t thank you enough Elaina – you doing your job well has changed my life for ever.”