“As discussed, I have been in a relationship since late July, when I suspended my program.
Although Yvonne Allen & Associates did not introduce to my current partner – we have been together for almost five months now, I am convinced that my success in forming my relationship has come almost entirely from their excellent program of counseling and support – in my case provided by Toni Culph and Yvonne herself.
After a long marriage that ended suddenly, I found myself in a position of wanting to start another relationship, but not having the skills, experience and self-insight to date successfully. This is where Yvonne Allen & Associates came in. They helped me understand myself and build my self-esteem. They helped me learn how it is important to stay cool and not be needy, They helped me learn how I could manage things deliberately to avoid building up my anxiety. They encouraged me to be the best partner I could be. Their systematic program of obtaining feedback from both parties in each of my two introductions that they facilitated was in a word – invaluable.
In summary, I couldn’t have started or progressed my current relationship without (1) the support that Yvonne Allen & Associates provided to me beforehand and (2) the experience I have gained through their first class program.”