“After undergoing the appraisal process with Yvonne Allen I did considerable soul-searching and tried to come to a much better understanding of myself and my needs and wants.
In particular I decided I wanted to have a more active social life. While I spent more time with my family and friends I was determined to meet as many new people as possible. It was this decision more than any other that turned my life around, and surprisingly quickly. I did meet new people and I started dating. It was the best thing I could have done. I was surprised to find that there really is life after a long relationship fails. There are many, many really interesting people out there, if one musters the courage to deal with the challenges of making a new life.
I did not expect this to happen so quickly, but I’m now in a new relationship, and I must add with a truly wonderful woman. And to think that this came about because I took actions which required more than a little boldness.
So here I am, within twelve months, in a new and better life, feeling happier than I have in many years.
Thank you for everything.”