“Clare was my second date from Yvonne Allen (and I was her first).
My first date with Clare lasted 3 and a 1/2 hours. We had coffee and went to the art gallery on the spur of the moment to a photographic exhibition as both of us have a keen interest in art and photography, it was on the 13th December 2009. I had to wait a couple of weeks to see her again, and we saw each other regularly and talked on the phone more and more (me being in Bowral) until we talked or saw each other every day.
About a month in, she asked me whether I was prepared to move to Sydney or not, and I said yes. This was a pretty important conversation and after this we became closer and our relationship with a couple of months went to the next level.By April I had gone overseas on a flying visit to Singapore with her to meet her parents.
By September it became obvious that I should discuss moving in, so we discussed this and decided together and I moved from my home of forty years to become a Sydney sider on the 2nd Jan 2011.
From the first moment I met Clare I was grateful that I had taken the step of going to Yvonne Allen. When I think back on how much richer my life has been over the last 5 years, and the wonderful times we’ve had on holidays, weekends, visiting art galleries and going overseas together – it is in stark comparison to the life I led beforehand where I was a divorcee ready to spend my life with someone(the right person) but was finding it incredibly difficult (I felt impossible) to meet them.
When I think of Yvonne Allen I think of an easy interview that was honest and delved deeply into what I really wanted in a partner, and a date that changed my life.
I also thank them for finding someone that is so compatible in so many ways.
Many thanks”