“Greg is very good communicator and we touch base each day with a text, phone calls once a week and we seem to be enjoying a dinner each week. We went out last night for dinner and had such a lovely time. The thing is that we chat and chat for hours, so from this, we are learning more and more about each other. All this chatting has been a fabulous help with me and we realise more and more (even in the way we operate at work) how similar we are! So everything is going very well and am enjoying his company very much. Having the opportunity to meet Yvonne and working closely with YAA in my search for a potential partner has been a very fulfilling experience. So much time, careful advice and support has made this possibly ‘terrifying’ journey, a pleasurable one and has more than anything else, taught me a lot about myself. As a parent and starting again, this search can be very challenging but YAA has made me feel very supported and strengthened by the whole experience. They have been wonderful. Thank you so much!”