“I flew to Sydney this past weekend, stayed with friends of mine, but met up with Melissa. We had dinner in Bondi Sat night (Sean’s Panorama, really good!), and then I also met her on the Sunday morning for breakfast, then we walked Bondi to Bronte, which was fabulous. What can I say? She seems perfect for me in every way, I feel completely comfortable in her company and I don’t think we ever stopped talking! We seem to have very closely allied interests and outlooks on everything, except who I should be supporting in cricket matches between England and Australia! She remembered the names and details of all of my daughters (no small feat, but so important to me), and I am already looking forward to meeting her again. So, thank you so much for introducing us, I do feel a strong bond of friendship developing between us already, and I hope that one day this may progress to a romantic involvement, it is certainly what I would like!”