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Winning with Women

WinningwithWomen_ebook_coverAre you a guy who is confused when it comes to having a great relationship with a woman? You are not on your own! Given my background since 1976 as a professional matchmaker Melbourne, psychologist and relationship mentor, I have been in an unusual position to witness dramatic changes in women’s expectations of life and love –
and help to build bridges of understanding between the sexes…. Purchase on Amazon for $9.13

Working Women

WorkingWomen_ebook_coverDo you often feel that your work commitments leave little opportunity for a rewarding personal life? You are not on your own! Through my experience as a matchmaker and relationship mentor since 1976, I know that the demands of a career can play havoc when it comes to enjoying a rewarding personal life – including a great relationship… Purchase on Amazon for $9.13

Love Today – What’s Gender Got to Do With It?

There’s no doubt that we live in challenging times when it comes to living and loving together as men and women today. In but a few decades, dramatic changes have taken place when it comes to our expectations of life and relationships. It is not surprising that living and loving successfully together today can be challenging – for both sexes! Purchase on Amazon for $9.13

Agenda of Gender – Seminar Video Series

Agenda of Gender In this easy to follow video of Yvonne’s seminar, The Agenda of Gender, you will gain valuable insights about biologically based differences between the sexes that will help you to have a great and mutually rewarding relationship. Learn More

Making Love Work – How to Live and Love Well

Making Love WorkWhether you are single and wanting to attract a partner to share your life – or you want to have more love and joy with one you have – you will benefit from the breadth of Yvonne’s information and insights being a professional matchmaker Sydney in this video series.. Learn More

Testimonials By Our Products Buyers

“I was suicidal when my marriage came to an end. Thank heavens a friend gave me Yvonne’s book – it saved my life!”

– Jane, 35 Violinist

“Thank you very much for your invitation to attend the seminar. It had impact. I enjoyed the night.
I think I can now begin to understand what to do or at times perhaps not what to do when the normal vicissitudes of life conflict with gender differences.
Yvonne explained this concept, in my view, with devastating logic.”

– Greg, Barrister

“I read this book while I was single and agree with the writer on many points, above all when she says that if we want a successful relationship, we first need to be able to lead a successful single life. I found very useful part two, “A singular workbook”, where through a series of exercises, it is explored what being single means and what kind of life we want in the future”

– Silvia, Company Director

“I loved this book! Through its accessible language I was able to address and deal with issues I had concerning relationships. So useful!”

– Betina, Marketing Manager

“A must read for singles and couples alike. Enjoyable book which really puts the single life into perspective, a must read for singles who need to accept their status and regain their confidence. Far from being a rejection of marriage or living with a partner, it provides excellent insight into relationships.”

– Sergio, Financial Planner