Hello and welcome to Relationship Mentor. Here you’ll find a breadth of information and inspiration to help you to create the fulfilment you seek in your personal life – including how to have a mutually rewarding relationship with a partner of the opposite sex!

Since Yvonne established Yvonne Allen and Associates in 1976, her consultancy has helped thousands of discerning singles in Australia to find – and keep – the love they seek.

Over the many years Yvonne has won international recognition for her approach to the sensitive area of human relations.

Now, no matter where you reside in the world, Yvonne’s insights can help you too to make positive changes in order to have more love and joy in your life…whether you are single or in a relationship.

She is committed to sharing with you valuable information about how we can live and love more successfully as men and women together, given the challenges of today.

Whether you are single and wanting to attract a partner to share your life – or you want to have more love and joy with one you have – you will benefit from the breadth of information and services you will access here.

Yvonne’s approach encourages you to be at the helm of your life. If you are prepared to stop and take stock of aspects of yourself and how you currently live your life you can then take positive steps towards the life and relationship that could be yours to enjoy.

Over the years Yvonne has been committed to helping to build bridges of understanding between the sexes. Many of the valuable insights she shares are supported by recent research into our brains and biochemistry that have revealed important gender differences.

You are unique! Each of us has our own personal history and path taken through life to now. Some of us have lived much of our adult life alone; others have experienced many the ups and downs of life while in a relationship. Yvonne provides realistic and enlightening guidance, encouragement and advice to assist you in your quest for a life filled with passion, health, joy – and a great relationship – if this is what you desire.