Clients of Yvonne Allen and Associates, a professional matchmaker, have been interviewed personally by our consultants. Perhaps this explains why in more than 45 years there has not been an instance of serious misrepresentation – something that is commonplace on the web.

All too often dating sites or dating agencies do not establish the bona fides of their users who can easily misrepresent themselves. There are countless stories of those who have spent a large amount of time and money, only to be left feeling disappointed and disillusioned. They have either been continually rejected or have ended up meeting people who have misrepresented their age, build, marital status or more!

Our clients are valued as individuals and our introduction programmes are tailored to their individual requirements. A computer does not care about your needs nor does it understand the intricacies of your emotions. All consultants of our matchmaking service in Sydney and Melbourne have a breadth of experience in the area of human relations…expertise a computer cannot offer!


Our professional dating agency uses an interview and profiling process to assist our clients to gain insights into what it is that they are really looking for in someone special. We then select people who are potentially compatible from our existing client database. Our skills cannot be ‘computerised’.

For many of our clients, completing our interview and profiling process has been invaluable in clarifying their relationship needs and expectations. Feedback received after introductions has also been extremely valuable. Often a client will tell us that they have come to realise that they had been placing emphasis on the wrong things when looking for Mr/Ms Right. Online dating does not encourage such insights!

Clients of Yvonne Allen and Associates only meet if they choose to do so after reading an in-depth profile done by our matchmaking consultants. Information provided on the web is not as comprehensive or relevant.

how can a professional matchmaker like yvonne allen help me


Yvonne Allen and Associates only accepts clients we know we can assist. We attract a very genuine person who is placing value on a relationship and therefore does all they can to put commitment into their personal life. As a professional matchmaker we pride ourselves on achieving the best outcomes for our clients. Online dating services are open to all comers and do not care if you are successful or not.

Photos are what usually attract interest on a dating agency website…but often the photos are out of date or unclear. This creates unfulfilled expectations that lead to disappointment. While not dismissing the importance of chemistry, clients of Yvonne Allen and Associates do not see photos. Many couples who have met the Yvonne Allen way and then married, have said that they would not have chosen each other if they had initially seen photos!

Clients of our professional matchmaking agency in Sydney and Melbourne appreciate that our consultants provide support and helpful feedback. It can be an alienating and lonely experience to search unsuccessfully for a partner online.

Talk to one of our consultants today and find the relationship that you seek, with Yvonne Allen & Associates matchmaking services.