In the western world, February 14 is the day millions of cards, red roses and boxes of chocolates are sent to celebrate the joy that love can bring.

While I’m not overly keen on the commercialising of the romance of love, I do think there are real benefits in being reminded on Valentine’s Day of how important it is to love and be loved and why you don’t have to be in love to enjoy Valentine’s Day!

And no matter where you are with your relationship status, there is always a way to make Valentine’s Day special. 

Why You Don't Have to be in Love to Enjoy Valentine's Day

Maybe you are single and have recently met someone you find attractive, or there’s someone you’ve long admired from afar…

If so, Valentine’s Day offers an ideal opportunity for you to let them know how you feel. Maybe tell them that you want to be friends … or maybe more!

Perhaps you have recently started dating someone special, or are enjoying the pleasures of a blossoming relationship.

If so, you are in an ideal position to delight in the romance of this special occasion.

Or are you partnered and continually juggling a busy life that includes work and raising a young family?

If so I suggest Valentine’s Day offers an ideal opportunity for you to claim ‘time-out’ from the demands of parenthood by organising child care.

Sharing adult time together — perhaps over a lovely meal — can help you renew your commitment to each other.

Regardless of age and stage of life, if you are one of a couple you can choose to bring a zing back into being together on this day that reminds us of romantic love.

Because sometimes we all need a date on the calendar to remind us to appreciate the person we love. 

But what if you are one of the millions of men and women of all ages today who are single and wish you had a partner?

Valentine’s Day can be tough! But you don’t have to be in love to enjoy Valentine’s Day…

You are not alone if you find the thought of Valentine’s Day looming difficult and depressing!

But instead of focusing on a lack of romance, why not contact someone you have not communicated with for quite some time?

A friend, someone you don’t know well, or maybe even a family member.

This could make your February 14 (and theirs!) special, without the focus being romance!

All too often in our busy lives these days we can take our friendships and relationships for granted.

Appreciating that there are people who matter to us is key to our health and happiness as a human being.

So, whether you are single or partnered, I encourage you to be prompted by Valentine’s celebrations to take time to think about those you care for — and those you would like to be closer to — and contact them.

Making a phone call or sending an email or text to say ‘hi’ may not bring the zing of roses and romantic love…

…but it will help your feel-good hormones  and theirs  to rise and make this a special day regardless.