Yvonne AllenTertiary Qualifications / Education

  • 1969 – Graduated from University of NSW, BA (Psychology Distinction)
  • 1973 – Diplomate District Officer, Department of Child and Social Welfare, Sydney
  • 1992 – Registered as a psychologist

Some Highlights

  • 1969 – Australian Volunteer Abroad in Papua New Guinea
  • 1973-74 – Assistant Counsellor and tutor at University of Papua New Guinea
  • 1973-74 – District Officer, NSW Department of Child and Social Welfare, Sydney and Broken Hill
  • 1976 – Submission to the Royal Commission on Human Relationship re: Problems of loneliness and alienation in our society and ways in which these could be addressed
    Established Yvonne Allen and Associates, Human Relations Consusltants, in Sydney, to provide introduction and consulting services for singles
  • 1979 – Addressed International Symposium on Humanity, Sydney
    Brought Dr James Lynch, author The Broken Heart, The Medical Consequences of Loneliness to Australia from US to lead seminars on the impact of loneliness and social isolation in our changing society
  • 1987 – Launched books Successfully Single, Successfully Yourself and Living and Loving in the AIDS Free Zone, Australia
  • 1988 – Presented two papers at The Second International Conference of Marriage and Friendship Agencies, Hamburg, Germany
    Launched Successfully Single, Successfully Yourself in London
  • 1989 – Invited to be a Visiting Fellow to the Commission for the Future
    Presented paper entitled “Why Chance Our Future… When It’s a Matter of Values, Choice and Vision?” at the World Conference of Futurists, Washington
  • 1992 – Addressed a conference of sex educators and therapists in Sydney, “Men in Crisis”, on Mens Talk Versus Womens Talk….a constructive approach to the crisis in communication and led a workshop entitled “Loving the Liberated Woman?!”
  • 1994 – Invited to contribute to Jocelynne Scutts book Singular Women
    Invited by The Victorian Department of Fair Trading to help develop a code of conduct for introduction agencies in that state
    Invited to be profiled in a book on known Australians Contemporary Australians, Reed
  • 1995 – Invited to contribute to a book on euthanasia The Last Right
  • 1998 – Yvonne received awards from the Governor General, Sir William Dean and Minister Downer for her valued work as an Australian Volunteer Abroad in 1969
  • 2000 – Invited to attend Mandela Forum, “What Makes a Champion?”
    Profiled by BRW as one of 12 Australian innovators
    One of 38 Australians selected to partake in Global Entrepreneurship Monitor Survey
  • 2002 – Invited to be a member of Women Chiefs of Enterprise
  • 2007 – Invited to speak in Miami to the Idate International Conference of Internet Dating Services from her experience as an offline matchmaker.
    Invited to join the Advisory Board of the Institute of Matchmakers in the US.
  • 2009 – Invited by A Current Affair to comment on the dubious practices of some online dating websites.
    May – Invited by the ABC to be interviewed by Peter Thompson on Talking Heads.
  • 2010 – Attended training with John Gray in the US and qualified as a Mars Venus coach and mentor
    Invited as guest on ABC radio program ‘The Spirit of Things’ with Rachel Kohn
    Invited as an expert witness re: a case of serious malpractice to express my views as to how an ethical introduction service should operate
  • 2011 – Guest on Radio Australia’s Conversation Hour Valentine’s Day broadcast
    Featured in an article in The Australian Financial Review on 26th March
    Contributed her views to an article in the May edition of the Women’s Weekly
    Invited as an Ambassador for Dying with Dignity to address the annual conference of the CWA of NSW re: Physician Assisted Dying
    Contributed a chapter ‘Relationship Mentor’ to the book “Millionaire Mentors”
  • 2012 – Speaker at international iDate conference as a Matchmaker re: internet dating and relationships today
  • 2013 – Seminar The Agenda of Gender in Melbourne and Sydney
    Revised the book ‘Successfully Single, Successfully Yourself‘ Heinemann 1987 as an ebook ‘How to Live and Love Successfully while Single‘
  • 2014 – Speaker at Matchmakers and Dating Coaches Conference in Florida, USA with session titled: “Whatever happened to Adam and Eve? Overcoming challenges to partnering today“
  • 2016 – Led seminars and discussion groups
    Produced several ebooks and videos of seminars and discussion groups in order to share her insights re: living and loving as men and women together today to a global audience

Current projects include developing online services for singles that incorporate the professional and educative approach of the Yvonne Allen and Associates consultancy.

Books Published

  • Successfully Single, Successfully Yourself, Heinemann, 1987 (updated 2016)
  • Living and Loving in the AIDS Free Zone with Dr Harry Michelmore, APC, 1987
  • Chapter entitled – A Singular Life, in Singular Women edited by Jocelynne A. Scutt, Artemis, 1995
  • Contribution – Go In Peace in The Last Right – Australians take sides on the right to die, Mandarin, 1995


  • Winning with Women, UnoDuo Publishing, 2016
  • Working with Women…Having It All!, UnoDuo Publishing, 2016
  • Love Today – What’s Gender Got to Do With It, Unoduo Publishing, 2016

Seminars and Discussion Groups

Numerous topics have included:

  • Making More of Our Lives and Our Relationships
  • The Importance of Friendship
  • The Agenda of Gender
  • Making Love Work
  • Successfully Single – Successfully Partnered
  • Do Men Want What Women Want?
  • Marrying a Much Younger Partner Can be Risky Business!
  • Winning with Women
  • Modern Love in the Time of Tinder?!